We work alongside communities to explore clothes making and mending as a means to encourage and support individual and community empowerment.


Latest Projects

Glasgow Made

We've launched an online directory promoting Glasgow based Clothes Makers.

Glasgow made

We believe in a localised clothing culture. Glasgow Made is a digital directory where you can find makers easily. Visit Glasgow Made Website

If you are a maker and want to be listed, please get in touch.

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East End Mend

We now have a permanent home in Bridgeton, Glasgow at Rogart Street Campus. This is where our regular MEND takes place.

Mend on January 31st

The next MEND is 31st January. Book a ticket here.

MEND is an opportunity in a friendly space where you'll learn to mend clothes. Too many mendable clothes are thrown away, so come along and prolong the life of your favourite jumper.

From patching jeans, to raising hems, the team will guide, assist and provide all tools and materials. MEND will be an evening of mending, meeting and sharing skills.

Upcoming Dates



31st January

7.00 - 8.30pm

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